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Wedding Teaser Films

Included in every wedding video package is an exciting, short "teaser" video that gives everyone a climatic conclusion of the wedding day. This film is generally delivered soon after the wedding, and is a great video for all the family and friends that couldn't attend. Check out our "Wedding Teasers" below!

Wedding Teasers
Abby & Jacob Wedding Day Teaser
Wedding Day Teaser - Acey & Esti
Wedding Day Teaser - Jessie and Tallon

Wedding Film Productions

These videos are our full wedding film productions.  We take pride in producing timeless wedding films of a rich, colorful style that exhibits the entire wedding day. View our wedding films below!

This incredible wedding film was captured at a beautiful, log cabin in the heart of western Kentucky! It was an honor to be asked to capture such a special occasion for a life-long friend of mine.

Experience a truly special wedding day through our this

wedding video filmed in Paducah, Kentucky. We thank these families for allowing us to capture such a special occasion.

We are extremely grateful and proud that this amazing couple chose us to produce this wedding film. The day was so full of love and beauty that it is hard to imagine it without a film. We tried our best to capture the special feeling that this wedding gave to everyone in attendance.

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